The Aikido Institute of Newfoundland
New 4th Kyu members.
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2018-03-15 23:42:42

The Aikido Institute of Newfoundland is pleased to announce the new ranks of 4th kyu for Boyd and Meghan upon successfully passing their testing on March 15, 2018! Congratulations to all!

We would also like to thank the large number of practioners who offer their support by attending the class and grading. After the class we were able to get together for a nice group photo:

Group Photo March 15, 2018  


A Very Successful Seminar!
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2018-02-25 22:05:01

The Aikido Institute of Newfoundland would like to offer a huge thanks to all who attended the local seminar. It is always a great to be able to get together to share this wonderful Martial Art.

We would also like to congratulate the new shodans: Peter Chafe, Dwight Sparkes, and Richard Westcott; and also the new 2nd kyu Pat Gulliver - Great tests all!

A Very Happy Announcement
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2018-02-09 22:01:59

It is a great honor to announce the very recent Promotion of Colleen Hogan, and Paul Glavine, to 5th Dan. Please click on the link (thumbnail) below to view a message offered by Sensei Derm Mcdonald in recognition of this great accomplishment.

Promotion Thumbnail

Congratulation Colleen and Paul, Anybody who has had the priviledge of practicing with you, knows how truly deserving you are. 

We look forward to many more years of practice.

Upcoming Local Seminar - Feb 24, 2018
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2018-01-23 21:33:11

The Aikido Institue is is pleased to announce an afternoon seminar with
Sensei Dermot McDonald, Shihan, 6th Dan

We look forward to a great opportunity to get together for a day of practice.

Please view the details below:

Happy Holidays
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2017-12-19 18:39:32

The Aikido Institute would like to offer everyone a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. 

We look forward to another great year of practice in 2018, have a safe and Happy Holiday with your Family and Friends. We will be eager to practicing once again in 2018. 


New Club Poster
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2017-10-12 23:02:21

Here is a copy of the new Poster for the club, Please click on the thumbnail to download the PDF file.


A Great Night of Practice
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2017-10-04 22:35:29

I would like to give a big thank you to Sensei Terry for a great night of practice for our first night back on the mats at our new location:
The gymnasium looks great with a fresh coat of paint, that really brightens up the atmosphere.

First Night Practitioners 1 First Night Practitioners 2

Panarama of Gymnasium

We look forward to seeing everybody on the mats.

New Practice Location
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2017-09-30 14:26:34

Effective immediately the Aikido Institute of Newfoundland no longer operates out of District School on St. Clare Avenue - returning to ÉCOLE INTERMÉDIAIRE ET SECONDAIRE FRANCOPHONE DE SAINT-JEAN  (a.k.a. the old Holy Cross Junior High) as of Tuesday, 3 October, 2017, @ the regular time of 7:30 (7:00 for mat setup).

Saturday Classes
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2017-09-10 21:11:31

Saturday classes resume on September9, 2017.

Aikido resumes for a new semester
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2017-09-05 17:31:00
Hi Everyone,
As the best-weather summer in many years comes to a close, we look forward to starting another year of practice. It is a great opportunity for both regular practitioners and those who have been way awhile to return to share the hard work and camaraderie that defines the Aikido Institute. 
There is a little movement in our future.  After spending the last year at District School on St. Clare Avenue, in mid-September we will return to our old home on Rickett's Road at the as-yet-unnamed French School occupying the old Holy Cross Junior High. A future message will confirm the moving date and class times.  Until then, all are of course welcome to join us Tue-Thu-Sat at District School on St. Clare Avenue.
Hope to see you on the mats!

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