Tuesday Class

Thank you Terry for a great night of instruction.
Sensei shared a copy of a document that I have provided as a digital copy for your viewing:

The Seven Pleats of the Hakama:

“The Aikido hakama has seven pleats, each one representing a certain character trait. We as Aikidoka are encouraged to consider these qualities as a means of … “

Click -here- to view the full document.

Thank You and Congratulations

The Aikido Institute would like to thank all who helped make the Seminar a great success over this past weekend. There was a great turnout, and I am sure all who practiced appreciate Sensei Claude’s teachings and amazing technical skill.
As well, we would like to congratulate Daniel Sinnot on successfully passing his Shodan Test, and Mark McDonald for Achieving the rank of NiDan (2nd Dan)! Great job guys. Keep up the great practice.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!

Congratulations to 3 of our members who have all advanced in rank over the festive season:

  • Stephanie Curnoe – Nidan
  • Colette Phillips – Nidan
  • Fred Westcott – Sandan

Great job guys. we look forward to continuing our practice into 2019.