New Practice Location

Thursday September 1st will be the final class of practice at the Holy Cross school. After a long history of practice at the school, the Eastern School District has decided to close up the building. Sensei McDonald has been working very hard through the summer to find a new location, and we feel most things are in place. We will post the new location information as soon as everything is finalized.

Thank You for your patience during this time.

Tely10 Group Results

The Aikido Institute is happy to announce that all members have successfully finished the race. Congratulations to all.

The group finished in 4th place in the open mixed team competition:

  1. Peter Chafe – 1:16:25
  2. Colette Phillips – 1:34:26
  3. Stephanie Curnoe – 1:45:05
  4. Meghan McDonald – 2:05:36


Several club members tested for kyu rank promotions on May 24 and May 26, 2016. The Aikido Institute of Newfoundland is pleased to announce the following new ranks:

  • Meghan – 6th kyu;
  • Boyd, Mitchell and Dejan – 5th kyu;
  • Patrick and Todd – 4th kyu;
  • Daniel, Joshua and Dwight – 1st kyu.

Congratulations to all!