Our Cuban Connection

We at the Aikido Institute of Newfoundland are proud to post some information from a school located in Cuba.

Their school is located in Matanzas City (the Capital Municipality of Matanzas Province) near Varadero, (a famous toursitic area). The school has around 200 students.

“The main objective of the school is primarily to disseminate the seeds of Love and Harmony bequeathed by O Sensei through conscious, rigorous and daily training. so what’s most important to us is to create a real family, where people view themselves as important in every single role they play. Instructors and students function as a whole harmonious sphere based in these three major values: Respect, Gratitude, and Humbleness.”(Tony)

In Cuba, it is illegal to get money out of teaching martial arts, making the success of the Dojo for over 20 years all that more outstanding.

Tony has provided the following information about the photo’s:

“The picture was taken in our Dojo and my father and our Sensei is standing right before the Kamidana, the eldest one. A guy with over 50 years of experience in martial arts and around 30 in Aikido. I’m sitting in the middle of the first line, the rest of the people are instructors except three monitors.”(Tony)

Derm Sensei and all students at the Aikido Institute have nothing but the highest admiration and respect for our Cuban friends in Aikido, who have worked so long and hard to establish a dojo for the purpose of disseminating the ideals of O Sensei and Aikido. Hope we can get together some day 🙂 Go Cuba!!

Picture 1: Cuban Family:

Picture 2: Methodological class:

Picture 3: Me and my little princess

Some pics of our kids from the main Dojo performing a demo. Added May 2013:

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Picture 6:

Picture 7

Picture 8:

Picture 9:

Here is a picture that Tony has provided on July 11, 2013, with the following information:

“Today, I examined a kids´ group in the main Dojo, they all did their best and promoted into a higher degree. We spent 7 hours on the mat!!! I´m very happy for they have endeavored gigantically. I´m very proud of them. On behalf of them, I´m sending you a family pic. They really hope you like it!!!”

Here are some pictures that Tony has provided on August 30, 2013, of the students practicing Aikido on concrete:

Here is a Picture Provided by Tony, July 2014: